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1 Hour 1000 Pics – Supercharge your Lightroom Workflow (ebook)

(15 customer reviews)


Learn to process 1000 pictures in one hour. Let Chris Marquardt teach you his proven method to quickly make the right decisions about your photos with confidence and without the fear of making mistakes.

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15 reviews for 1 Hour 1000 Pics – Supercharge your Lightroom Workflow (ebook)

  1. Dave Marshall (verified owner)

    I’m probably the ideal audience for this book – I take too many photos, process too few, and feel guilty about the backlog piling up. I’m also far from being any sort of Lightroom ‘power-user’!

    Having read this short, but incredibly helpful, book I’m looking at Lightroom with renewed interest – the workflow contained within this book will help me address the 1000s of undifferentiated photos I currently have within my library, and leaves me looking forward to the next time I head out with my camera with much less dread!

  2. Christian

    This great book really helped me to professionalize my workflow. At first, I stumpled because I thought it’s a little bit short, but then I realized that’s a good thing.

    You can work through it really quickly and get your first sense of achievement in no time.

    It’s well written and very easy to understand. If you really want to become quicker in your photo processing workflow, this book is definitely a must read.

  3. Christian (verified owner)

    I have attended some of Chris’ workshops before, so all this stuff wasn’t really new to me. And I use Aperture instead of Lightroom.

    But for Aperture users, 1 Hour 1000 Pics might probably even more useful than for Lightroom users.
    I have found myself browsing through freshly imported pictures, making adjustments before actually deleting the pics afterwards. The freedom Aperture provides (no develop/library mode) can be a curse and this ebook helped me to get back to a focused Aperture workflow. Highly recommended!

  4. Marcel (verified owner)

    Taking pictures is part of my job, getting the right ones to share, hand over to the press or for a publication is quite a job. Normally I picked the “best 5” to use directly, mostly driven by a hurry and gut feeling. I kept the rest, you never know if you need one of the others later.

    With this method, I am able to get easily rid of the pictures that arent good, have still a great stock to use later for documentary use, and are now also using all different star ratings. Back then there was only 5 star ratings in my katalog…now I have a system.

    Love the audio – visual combo, what a powerful way of education!

  5. oli (verified owner)

    Hi Chris, I am a teacher at a community highschool for Lightroom and I am always curious about new best practices in using Lightroom. I do own the german versions of your Lightroom videos and I used them to educate myself on the past. Reading your eBook, I was very happy to see that my personal workflow is very comparable to the way to propose, I just use some colors in addition.
    Your eBook is very helpful to understand how to use Lightroom in an very efficient way for the most important part of the overall workflow of Lightroom: Sorting and selecting. It is right to the point and I will add it to the list of sources in my next class.
    Thank you so much for your effort! I enjoyed it!

    Cheers! oli

  6. simon (verified owner)

    I’m a full-time photography educator and Chris’ fantastic podcast continues to be a great source of inspiration for my own teaching. I bought this ebook on a whim – as a way to support Chris’ work, and because the topic sounded interesting. Chris really did a great job with this one – you won’t be disappointed! As a previous reviewer has pointed out, the book is concise and to-the-point. No waffle, just boiled down useful insight. Up to now I used the Lightroom workflow recommended by Kelby Media’s Matt Klosskowski (relying on the black and white flags to the exclusion of star ratings). Chris’ suggestion to use flags for a rough first selection, and the star-rating for a more fine grained sorting really convinced me – I’ll adapt my workflow.

  7. Arnim (verified owner)

    First of all, I didn’t learn much to improve my workflow, which is kind of sad. However I am by no means disappointed and here’s why:

    I paid those few bucks to get the affirmation that I must already have a very good workflow because it doesn’t differ much from the author’s. In recognizing this, I felt I must already be a Lightroom mastermind. And guess what? That is much cheaper than a psychotherapist to boost your ego! 😉

    In the end, I did learn one important thing: we are all suffering from Digital Backlog Syndrome. To have this in black and white alone is worth purchasing the book.

    If you are not already a Lightroom mastermind like me 😉 there are a 1000 more reasons to buy the book. It is written in easy-to-understand English and short enough to read through before getting distracted. In addition it costs practically nothing.

    So it’s worth buying the book whether you want to improve your workflow or you already know everything about Lightroom (hint: you never will…).

    What if you still don’t care? Buy it anyway! See it as a contribution to keeping Chris motivated for countless hours of HappyShooting and TFTTF.

    No matter what, just buy it.

  8. David (@F2_Dave) (verified owner)

    I started my journey with Lightroom, frustrated from aperture. My whole photography and blogging workflow was manual and slow, only based on part by part jobs with my Mac itself. After installing the trial of Lightroom and finding first use cases I came crossover from the bits und so podcasts from Undsoversum, where I heard of Chris’ work.

    Then I first inhaled the “Discover Lightroom” Video workshop. After watching I bought Lightroom in the same hour and began my small new fresh inspired workflow for blogging (with the tips out of the video workshop), and started to use the “1-hour-1000-pics” workflow, Chris explained in the videos 1st time.

    And now, with a made start, and tons of pics to import, I wanted to know more.

    So, here I am.
    I klicked the ebook.
    I read and read.
    And I love the explained way. Thanks a lot for sharing such an important part of your work life, and your know how. The price for that is way to cheap. But it is the right way to get people really involved in photography, Lightroom, and the fun fun you can have with that.

    Thanks, Chris!

    Buy that one folks! And buy the Video Workshop!



  9. Arne B (verified owner)

    Truth can be simple – like the workflow presented in this book.

    The workflow that Chris shares with us just worked fine for me and it really made me go through an one-year-archive with several thousands of photos in just 2 hours (just tried it).

    It may not be the only method dealing with a pilt of photos but it’s a working one – thank you for that.

    I used the method presented not with Adobe Ligthroom but with the Organizer of Adobe Photoshop Elements. I had to replace the “Pick”-Tool with the “Star”-Rating but it works as fast and smooth as it should.

  10. Ulrike (verified owner)

    “1hour1000pics” and Chris’ recommendations were very, very useful to me!

    I listended to the mp3-Version of “1hour1000pics”, tried the recommended workflow and – “ecce!” – was able to reduce my pictures to a reasonable amount.

    I always struggled with my LR workflow and experienced the “Digital Backlog Syndrome” (for more informations see “1hour1000pics”).
    But those days are over 🙂

    “1hour1000pics” is no rocket science but contains mere hands-on-tips according to the quote “simplicity is the highest sophistication”!

  11. Grant Black (verified owner)

    This little book has made huge difference to the way I process my photos in Light Room.

    This really was one of those “Doh” moments. When I think about it I too have a “oh shinny” personalities.

    For the time this book has already saved me it’s worth twice as much (sshh don’t tell Chris).


  12. Rashid

    Thumbs up! This little book is really great to teach how to use LR more efficiently. There are thousands of photos on my NAS, and going through each batch of holiday photos, meant hard night-work … until now. Started with the 1hour1000pics method, and it really helped me saving time just the first evening.

    Never found any similar guide for working straight with LR in such a condensed form!

    Thanks Chris,
    and I look forward to the next episode of ‘happyshooting’.

  13. Waza_67 (verified owner)

    As per Dave Marshall, this book has been written for photographers like me. I take too many photos, and lots of these are not necessarily fit for general use. I am only relatively recently started taking this hobby seriously and now sifting the wheat from the chaff has been a real problem. I would review the same photo again and again trying to find the one that was ‘good’ wasting so much time. Chris has obviously spent many an hour working through and refining this process. The book is highly recommended as is the Discover Lightroom set of training videos by Chris. These two combined have increased my efficiency dramatically as well as helping me confidently navigate Lightroom. Keep up the good work Chris 🙂 and wishing you all the very best. If you are reviewing the reviews and you haven’t already purchased….. Whats stopping you? these are VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  14. Alex (verified owner)

    Great reading and listening! I used to struggle whenever I had to go through the (mostly bad) pics I had taken: the process you teach there is so simple and effective that I’m now having much more fun when with photography.

  15. John (verified owner)

    I thought I had a decent LR workflow, but felt I could improve. Chris’ 1 Hour 1000 Pics workflow has helped me get through a backlog of photos I took over the past several months and find some gems I initially overlooked. I highly recommend this book for all LR users.

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